Live Raw - High Performance Speaker Cable

The Live Raw - High Performance Speaker Cable, an undressed blueprint of our renowned Live Mk 1 cable with the same extraordinary accurate and time coherent signal transfer.
- Closer to the Live experience -

Using the technology derived from Live Mk 1 and the proprietary Total Signal Integrity Design (TSID), Live Raw is an undressed audiophile reference cable.
The clear engineering objective was to develop a cable at a lower price range without sacrificing the technical superiority found in our more expensive ranges.
Live Raw  High performance speaker cable for reference sound While staying true to our original reference cable blueprint, the most time consuming and cost driving manual manufacturing activities was stripped out to reduce the cost. This required the decision to make Live Raw - High Performance Speaker Cable without connects and other dressing. Additionally, strenuous and groundbreaking engineering work was made to simplify the complex cable geometry, used in our more expensive cables. Tests revealed that the new Live Raw design had close to negligible sacrifice to the audio performance, even for the most demanding high-end systems.

Technical Construction

Live Raw - High Performance Speaker Cable is made of 24 individually isolated 20 AWG conductors to obtain reference electrical characteristics and signal performance, over the whole audible frequency spectra. The use of very pure copper and large effective net gauge of 9 AWG assures very low cable resistance,
rendering in close to lossless1 signal transfer and a more accurate and time coherent movements of the speaker elements.
Measured "loop" values per meter per feet
Resistance* 7,3 mohm 2,3 mohm
Inductance*: 0,096 uH 0,029 uH
Capacitance* 551 pF 168 pF
* Be aware that "loop" value is the only validated measurement method which will reveal a speaker cable's real electrical characteristics. For comparative reasons, be cautious if it doesn't say "loop" values since other methods are frequently used to obtain more favourable values.
  • The speaker cable is engineered to have exceptionally low impedance over the whole audible frequency range and above, which is one of the key-components in eliminating high frequency signal loss (roll-off) and phase-shift related distortions.
  • Additionally, the 24 conductors have been placed in a geometry which achieves a very low capacitance. 50-100% higher capacitance values are common in the hi-fi industry for "same aim" speaker cables.
  • A special Polyethylene (PE) based conductor insulation, in combination with the specific conductor geometry, result in exceptionally low net dielectric properties. This prevents against capacitance related signal distortions and time-smeared currents.

Cable Shielding and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI/RFI) Protection

The cable construction with conductors twisted with optimum pitch and the high-specification manufacturing process provides an outstanding protection against external electromagnetic interference (EMI/RFI). Additionally, the cable is both shielded and has a separate ground (earth) drain-wire, which can be used if desired2.

1 Based on normal hi-fi speaker cable length (< 5 meter)
2 This option is available but should be used with caution since it potentially could degenerate the high performance of this speaker cable if not properly connected or used on equipment with insufficient ground (earth) drain.

Cable Information


  • 2 * 2 meter => 84 Euro
  • 2 * 2,5 meter => 99 Euro
  • 2 * 3 meter => 119 Euro
(additional lengths +15 Euro/meter)