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The Live Mk 1 - High Performance Cables are optimised for the most accurate and time coherent signal transfer. Now our credentials are proving us right.
- Closer to the Live experience -

HiFi & Musik Reviews Live Mk 1 Cables

Live Mk 1 cable range receives excellent review by Hifi & Musik, one of Scandinavians most honourable high-end hi-fi magazines
HiFi & Musik
November 2009 - Sweden
"it is the speed and integrity of the Live duo that immediately strikes you. The sound is refreshingly lively and vital, not least the speaker cable that carves out a firm and clear bass, even on speakers that normally sounds rounded in the bottom end"
"[Live Mk 1 - interconnect cable] has among the most well-built RCA contact we'd seen, comparable with the luxurious WBT and Furutech"
- Mats Meyer-Lie -

Home Theater Reviews - Live Mk 1 Cables

Cable review by Home Theater, Israel’s most renowned hi-fi and home theatre reviewer
Home Theater
November 2009
"Immediate response when playing the first section: Mediterranean Sundance Rio Ancho…., was a wow - these cables are really good…"
"They just made me excited about the music coming out of my system. And that is ultimately the goal - is it not?
I loved them!"
- Mordechai Zahavi -
Full review (English translation in PDF)
Link to original review in Hebrew

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Achievum Live Mk1 news flash in
April 2009
The all new Live Mk 1 high performance cable series is officially introduced to the international hi-fi community in 6moons April news edition

Nordic Introduction - Live Mk 1 Cables

Nordic introduction - Live Mk 1 cables in HiFi & Musik
HiFi & Musik
October 2008 - Sweden
"Achievum Cables [has] aimed to create a speaker cable that ones and for all really focuses on the essence in the signal transfer to the loudspeakers"
- Mats Meyer-Lie -

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