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At Achievum Cables we do our outmost to provide you, as an existing or potential customer, with the best possible customer service.

We do not only provide high performance audio interconnect and speaker cables with the most accurate and transparent signal transfer. Achievum Cables also prides it self with the best possible customer support.
For this reason we offer a 30 days return policy, so that you can test for yourself. You should feel confident at all stages when buying our products.

Achievum Cables Contact Details

Do you have questions about Achievum Cables or our high performance audio interconnect, speaker cables or other products? Whatever your question, we will do our best to answer your query.
Please contact us on:
Achievum Consulting
Clos des Chats 7
BE-1150 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)4 77 87 87 03

Contact Details

  • Phone: +32 (0)4 77 87 87 03
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