Live Mk 2 - High Performance Speaker Cable

Based on theories behind the renowned Live Mk 1 blueprint but with cost no limit, we set ahead to make what we believe to be the most accurate, time coherent and frequency-linear cable in the world. Now it is here!
- Closer to the Live experience -

True high quality audio cable making is very much strenuous physics, science, testing and very little hocus-pocus.
We recognise that our other cables, Live Mk 1 or Live Raw or even some of our competitors offering, will completely meet the needs of all demanding audio connoisseurs but a few.
However, for the selected few we developed Live Mk 2 high performance speaker cable.
likely the best speaker cables in the world, Live Mk 2 high performance cable takes high-end audio to the next level
Each set of speaker cables are prepared, installed and tested for each customer individually by Magnus Collin, Owner and Chief Technician of Achievum Cables, in person.

Technical Construction

In the Live Mk 2 - High Performance Speaker Cable our proprietary Total Signal Integrity Design (TSID) has been taken to a completely new level.
The know-how and technical design derived in the development work with Live Mk 1 or Live Raw has been channelled and further refined into Live Mk 2 - High Performance Speaker Cable.
Measured "loop" values per meter per feet
Resistance* 7,1 mohm 2,2 mohm
Inductance*: 0,06 uH 0,018 uH
Capacitance* 547 pF 167 pF
* Be aware that "loop" value is the only validated measurement method which will reveal a speaker cable's real electrical characteristics. For comparative reasons, be cautious if it doesn't say "loop" values since other methods are frequently used to obtain more favourable values.

Spade Connects

Live Mk 2 - High Performance Speaker Cable is terminated with Achievum Cables pure copper spade with strong and ultra thin 0,125 micron 24k gold extrusion to take full advantage of the superior pure copper conductivity also on the connector surface proximity.
Alternatively, the cables can be terminated with Furutech FP-218 (G) at a discounted price compared to Achievum Cables pure copper spade.
However, we are unable to offer Live Mk 2 - High Performance Speaker Cable terminated with banana connectors and most other spade brands since they will compromise the overall cable performance.

Are Live Mk 2 - High Performance Speaker Cable the Best Cables in the World?

We feel confident they are! In fact we are so confident Live Mk 2 - High Performance Speaker Cable are the best cables in the world, that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
Search the Internet, travel the world and turn every stone.
If you find any other cables in the whole world that you like better within 30 days of your purchase return our (undamaged) cables and get your money back. No questions asked.

Cable Information


Live Mk 2 standard spades
  • 2 * 3 meter => 125 200 Euro
Furutech FP-218 (G) Spades
  • 2 * 3 meter => 112 700 Euro